Friday, February 19, 2010

Police Badge

When I got this order I was so nervous. I thought there was no way I could pull this off. I am so happy with the final results. Not to toot my own horn. But I am pretty proud of this cake and the fact that I was able to execute it.


This cake was for Paige who was turning 11 and having a Twilight party. I had a good time making this one. I had to do some research though. I am not update on all the Twilight info. I just barely saw the movies.


My son Gehrig turned 6 and wanted a Bakugan cake. Some of the weirdest toys around.
Oh well they love em.

Cat in the Hat #2

This cake was for twin boys and there little brother. Such a cute idea.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys Scouts of America 100th Birthday

We had the annual Blue and Gold Scouts Banquet
Happy Birthday BSA!!
Oh how I love Scouts