Friday, November 4, 2011

I cannot believe it but I actually sat down to the computer and was able to figure out how to install the software for my camera. I am really quite proud of myself.
Especially because me and computers DO NOT get along.

Here are the cakes and cupcakes that I have done over the last few months.

One of my all time favorite cakes.
This was a surprise cake for Lindsey. She loves to make cakes.
One of her favorite shows is the Cake Boss.
I had an absolute blast making it.

Cupcakes for my nephew Devin.
Oh how he loves football.

We go every year to the famous Dickerson Halloween Party.
This year we all had to make a cake for the cake walk.
This was my little Mummy.
I was so excited for my niece Jenna who won it.
She was pretty excited too.

This cake was for a INDIAN JONES Party.
It was a last minute cake.
I love the way it turned out.

Baby Shower Cake
I love this cake.
We wanted booties for the cake topper.
I love Pedipeds.
I had to make some to put top.

Peace, Love and Cupcakes
These were for Hannah. It was one of the cutest parties I have seen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I swear I am still here

I have to apologize for my lack of posting new pictures of my cakes. We recently (3 months ago) got a new PC. I being majorly un-savvy computer person cannot figure out to download the software for my camera. This was on the to do list for my hubby over fall break. Unfortunately we did not get to it. I promise to hopefully have new pictures to post.
Until then I will keep my facebook page updated.
If only I knew how to work a computer:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tour De France
This cake was for another Surprise Party!!
The cake was Chocolate with Oreo Buttercream frosting.
Chad loves to bike so naturally the famous yellow shirt was a must.

I had the opportunity to make a Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting
and Chocolate Chip Cookies for one the great young man. TY Abbott
Ty was one of Ryan's Basketball players back in the day.

Happy Birthday Ty!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Diana's Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

What a fun time I had making this wedding cake with cupcakes.
The top cake was Chocolate and Vanilla cake with Cream Cheese frosting.
I made 300 cupcakes.
Banana with Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream
Lemon with Vanilla Buttercream
I loved the colors together.
I was very happy the way it turned out.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sea Shell Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was for a bride and groom who loved the beach.
The bottom layer was Vanilla cake with strawberries and vanilla frosting.
The middle layer was Chocolate cake with bananas and chocolate frosting.
The top layer was Carrot cake with vanilla buttercream.
The sea shells are all made out of white chocolate.
I had a great time giving each sea shell its own look with luster dust.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lily's 4th Birthday Party

My little lady turned 4.
We have been planning this party for a year.
Lily said she wanted a HEART party so during Valentine's Day we stocked up.
I had so much fun putting it all together.
We had heart grilled cheese sandwiches, heart cheese with pretzels,
tarts and lots of heart candy.
I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and colorful cut out fondant hearts.
Happy Birthday Lily!! I love you so much.

Perla's Wedding Cake

This cake was for a beautiful young lady who knows what she wants.
I had so much fun working with her and making
her drawing come to life.

Lego Cupcake Toppers

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What will it "BEE" Baby Shower Cake

My cousin DJ and his wife Lelani are having a baby.
They are not finding out what they are having too.
So for the Shower my Aunt had a party for
What will it "BEE"
I had so much fun making the Beehive Cake.
I even made a little girl and boy bumble bee.
Congratulations guys.
Catch up on your sleep now!!!:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teacher Cupcakes

I love my kids teachers so much.
This year I decided to make a yummy treat to show them how grateful
we are for them.
I made the apples out of fondant.
The cupcakes are Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting.
I have to say they are pretty cute!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am so far behind in life.
With kids, school ending and ever day life.
But oh how I am loving doing cakes.

This cake was for Brooke.
Her parents threw her a surprise Sweet 16 Party.
I love the color scheme.
The cakes were Red Velvet, Vanilla and Lemon.
I was able to see pictures from the party.
Brooke looked adorable and was so excited.
I know exactly where she gets it after meeting her mother.

I think the best part about doing cakes is being apart of such a special event.
Happy Birthday Brooke.

I had the special opportunity to be apart of a great charity event.
This cake was made for

Owl Love You Forever
Please check out the website to hear there story.

I had a great time making this cake.
It made it even more fun to donate my time to a great charity.
This is there one year anniversary.

The top cake is Vanilla with vanilla buttercream.
The bottom tier is Red Velvet with cream cheese.

This Crown is for a family friend. It is the topper of a
cake she made for her Mothers 80th birthday.
She made jewels to bling it out a bit too.
Lily wanted to get a picture with the Crown.
I also wanted to show off her new glasses.
Isn't she a cutie!!!

This cake was for a baby shower.
They wanted this specific cake for the shower.
I think she turned out pretty cute.
Both cakes are Vanilla.
One has strawberry filling and the other has
Oreo filling.