Monday, February 14, 2011

Falle Cake for Gammy and Papa

This cake was for Gammy & Papa (Ryan's parents)
They just got home from serving an LDS mission in Samoa.
I was so excited to make a cake for there welcome home party.
I had so much fun. Most of all because Ryan helped me with the cake.
It has been so long since he and I did a cake together.
There are lots of things that we wanted to fit on the cake.
First of all the FALLE, that is what the Samoan people live in.
Second, the tombstone. Every village buries their elderly family members in the front of their Falles. We would bust up laughing because on ever tomb was either clothes or kids playing on it.
Next, the pig. Pigs were everywhere. Rooming the streets.
Lastly, small things like the snorkel and fins. just because that is all we did when we went to Samona,. The Rack and Machette, this is how they did there lawns.
That by the way always looked gorgeous. And we cannot forget the Palm tree with coconuts.
Oh how I loved the fresh coconuts.
The cake was Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting.
Welcome home Gammy and Papa.
We love you both so much.
Thank you also to my hubby Ryan for helping me with the cake.:)

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