Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jester'z Improv 10 Year Celebration

I was so excited when I got this order to do a cake for JESTER'Z Improv Comedy Club.
We love this place. We have been many times and always leave
with a sore belly and face from laughing.
They asked me to make a cake in celebration of there 10 Years.
What a great accomplishment.

They also asked me to make some sugar cookies for there VIP members.
I made 120 sugar cookies.
It was a long day.
Without the help of my dear friend Jarrica and my sweet Mother -in -law Debra,
I would of been in a lot of trouble.
But we did it.
I had to hand cut the purple Jester head 120 times.
So happy to do it.
Not to mention they tasted super Yummy!!

Congrats Jester'z!
Hope for 10 more Years of Laughs.

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