About Me

I have always loved to bake as a child. 
When I was younger I wanted to own a 
cute little old house that was a bakery and boutique store.
I never did anything about it.
I loved watching cake baking shows and decided 
 on September 28, 2009, was the day I 
  was gonna make a cake.
I had so much fun. 

My first fondant cake

From that day forward I made cakes for family members.
I have had a lot of trial and error. I am self taught. 
I finally got enough courage to make cakes for clients.
 I love being able to come up with designs and being
 apart of some of the most special days.
I love a good party. 

I have fallen in love with cake decorating. 

My family is my best support system.
 I have been married to the man of my dreams for 16 Years
 We have three children.
Daxton -15
Gehirg -12
Lily -9

They love it the most because they get all the left over cake and frosting.
My kids are constantly asking if I have any fondant I don't need.

I love to craft, decorate, hang out with my family and friends. 

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